Tom McArthur is a Classicist, witch and theatre kid. He belongs to a Gardnerian coven, as well as having a highly syncretic (read: eclectic) personal practice. The ancient world has a huge influence on his magical work as he works extensively with the Greek Magical Papyri and has a magical relationship with a number of Greco-Egyptian deities. Otherwise his interests include Wicca and other forms of witchcraft, folk magic, Goetia, entheogens, and mysticism.

Kym Deyn is an award-winning poet, playwright and fortune teller. Their work is widely published in a range of anthologies and magazines including The Valley Press Anthology of Prose PoetryInk Sweat and Tears, and Neon. They are a recent graduate of Durham University, where they studied Classical Civilisations, and they are now working towards their Creative Writing MA at Newcastle, where they’re currently based. Their poetry is a huge influence on their witchcraft and vice-versa. They’re particularly interested in the space between conversation, poem, and spell, spirit work, traditional witchcraft, and the Tarot de Marseilles. For more information or to book a Tarot reading visit https://kymdeyn.com/

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